Equine Law

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General Information About Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Our equine law practice offers a full range of services and counsel to owners, breeders, trainers and businesses in the equine industry. Our knowledge of the equine industry, combined with our experience in all major areas of U.S. law makes Somma Law PLLC particularly adept at protecting the diverse needs of the equine professional, owner, and business. Our representation includes equine-related advice and representation on litigation and dispute resolution, contracts, financing and corporate transactions, real estate acquisition and leasing, zoning and employment related issues.

Our practice spans the man aspects of equine law including the following:

Equine Litigation

We can handle every aspect of litigation that may arise in the equine industry. These issues can include litigating and settling horseback riding accident and negligence claims, agency issues, sales and ownership disputes, and contractual claims.

Equine Contracts and Releases

We can assist clients with negotiating and drafting equine contracts, including boarding agreements, breeding contracts, purchase and sale agreements, commission agreements, and liability releases and waivers.

Equine Liens

We can assist with issues related to nonpaying boarders, including negotiating payment of outstanding fees, obtaining and enforcing liens.

Corporate Advice

We regularly advises start-up and existing companies at every stage of their evolution and on a full spectrum of their legal issues. We can assist clients on the formation of the appropriate structure for their equine operations, as well as issues related to capitalization, contractual agreements, labor and employment, and regulatory issues.

Zoning and Agricultural Land Use.

We can assist stable owners and veterinarians obtain appropriate land use permits and approvals needed to develop property for their horses or treatment of horses, ensuring compliance with all applicable local, state, and federal laws. We can assist owners and those tending horses with securing and maintaining suitable property. We handle all aspects of site development, including zoning variances, special and other land-use permits, tax abatements, and economic development initiatives. Our attorneys can also provide strategic counsel related to purchase and financing of undeveloped land, transfer of development rights, and planning for future expansion.