Business Litigation

Litigation is an unfortunate part of doing business. Our business litigation practice covers almost every type and size of business. We advise and represent corporate clients, both large and small, foreign and domestic, in areas of complex commercial litigation. We are adept at identifying the underlying issues and immediately begin working constructively toward the resolution of these issues. We work closely with our clients, offering practical and candid advice as to the various possible outcomes and as to the best way to achieve the clients’ goals.

Our commercial litigation practice encompasses all aspects of commercial relationships, including disputes involving the Uniform Commercial Code, contracts, business dissolutions, leveraged buyouts and other financial arrangements.

Corporate Litigation

We represent clients in litigation involving public and closely held corporations and corporate officers, directors and shareholders. This includes litigation involving management and corporate control issues, contract disputes, employment agreements, covenants not to compete, financial transactions and insurance coverage disputes. We also represent partnerships, partners and sole proprietors in similar types of commercial litigation. In addition to our commercial litigation practice in the state and federal courts, we handle declaratory judgments, preliminary injunctions, alternative dispute resolution, arbitrations, mini-trials and mediation proceedings.

Franchise Litigation

We represent both franchisors and franchisees in disputes arising out of their business relationships, including breach of the franchise agreement and fraud, as well as actions for preliminary and permanent injunctive relief in connection with the termination of the franchise relationship.

Real Estate Litigation

We represent businesses in cases involving land use issues, including easements and condemnation, purchase and sale disputes, disputes with local governments, as well as disputes relating to the financing of real estate transactions.

Injunction Practice

We are available to appear in both state and federal courts to obtain injunctive relief for our business clients. We represent businesses in a variety of proceedings seeking injunctive relief including restrictive covenants, letters of credit issues, protection of collateral, franchise terminations, public and private nuisance claims, and theft of trade secrets and other proprietary business information.

Whenever possible we will attempt to reach a resolution that preserves relationships between parties (or among multiple parties) through negotiations or alternative dispute resolution. Of course, if litigation is the only means to resolve a dispute, we will devise and implement a strategy geared toward achieving the client's goals as promptly and cost-effectively as possible.